Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering Agriculture and Management Novus

International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering, Agriculture & Management-Novus (IJMDAM)

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Call for Papers Volume 03, Issue 12, December 2022, Peer Reviewed Journal; Fast Publication, included in many leading abstracting and indexing open-access databases.International Jounral of Science and Innovative Research is welcoming original Research Articles, Book Reviews,Reviewd Articles,Please you can reach us if you have any queries send emai to :


The aim of International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology is to encourage scientists, academicians and students to publish their experimental and theoretical details. International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology provides an advanced knowledge platform for the Science and Engineering professionals. International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology,  an international open access peer reviewed online journal, presents original research articles and rapid communications, covering all areas of science, engineering and technology.

Articles in International  Journal of Modern Development in Engineering, Agriculture and Management-Novus are published under the following topics:

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Computing and software
  • Control engineering and robotics
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Energy engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

IJMMDEA aims to fill the gap between practical and theoretical concepts in engineering mainly Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering . IJMMDEANOVUS covers range of contemporary research and novelty in these domain. The ultimate aim of the Journal is to promote contemporary and advanced research in the area of Engineering .

Online submission of the manuscript is strongly recommended, author may also submit their Manuscript through this publisher’s portal. 


IJMMDEANovus is strictly against Plagiarism. Verification of  the originality of content submitted before publication is very essential.